Timothy Ochwo

We are the country; we are the future; we are the change we want to be; we are the youngest population in the world we stand a chance; we are the leaders of the future and the future today. If we only come together we can change our destiny.

These are not just lyrics of a 37 year old Legislator, Hon Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert alias Bobi Wine. He is one of the inspirational pillars to the youth in Uganda and the world at large.

His charisma has been witnessed in Four Regions of Uganda during the By-elections where the aspirants Mr. Kyagulanyi Campaigned for all made it to Parliament.

The Artiste come politician is only a year as a Member of Parliament for Kyadondo East in the 10th Parliament of Uganda.

However in a related mention, the Youth who are the biggest supporters for Bobi Wine include Timothy Ochwo who also happens to be 33 years.

Mr. Ochwo who is the Director and Founder of Hatua Uganda a youth focused and led organization seeking to address the peace and security of Humanity. He has a dream of creating self-reliant young people by transforming their livelihood and Economy.

Timothy says that Uganda through known history is so good at making policies, but still poor at implementing the good paper work into action. This he mainly attributes to corruption, poor leadership and lack of mentorship.

MR. Ochwo Timothy is Student of Law at Uganda Christian University (UCU) Mukono.

The graduate of a Bachelors of Arts in Social Sciences from Makerere University in 2009 formed Hatua Uganda in 2016, after having had a six months leadership Academy organized by Uganda Youth network (UYONET) in 2015.

Timothy who is the vice chairperson for the eastern region of the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) youth league, was blessed with a political leadership Academy in 2017 dabbed Program for Young Politicians in Africa (PYPA).

This academy which had international facilitators and participants from three East African countries was held in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania which was an extra blessing.

PYPA participants are youths from active Political parties in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, these youth undergo a competitive selection through which the best from the respective political parties are chosen basing on the availed slots since the PYPA academy has a limited number of participants.

‘’I utilized the PYPA 2017 Academy to network with different people,’’ says Timothy adding that ‘’I networked with one specific facilitator Michael Ohene-Effah from Ghana whose NGO LeadAfrique International also deals with the young People.

Timothy and Michael signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Hatua Uganda and LeadAfrique.

‘’This MoU which has an exchange program between the two partners has also created room for drafting of concepts with leadAfrique as we plan to engage more partners.’’ says Ochwo.

The Proud Jap is a son of Alice Oloo abd the Late Zonick Oloo of Ramogi Village, Tororo District in Eastern Uganda. He attended Ramoji primary school for his primary Leaving Examination (PLE) in 1998, Kisiko high school for Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) in 2002, and Jinja SS for his Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) in 2005.

As an Ambassador of all the leadership training academies and this character shaping has helped me to fulfill my desire of helping young people. He says

Adding that,’’Hatua Uganda was registered in September 20th 2016 with the National NGO Board. Our offices are located at plot 128 old kira Road, kamute Park building.’’

We equip young people from top to bottom a reason we usually attend Parents meeting in the schools we work with. We also involve the parents and Guardians in the conferences we hold.

The Hatua Uganda has a Pan Africa strategy but we are open to the international community as well.

For students we engage them through special sessions and social media platforms, this is a non-profit organization, we have paid up programs too.

Hatua Uganda is a Kiswahili word which means action, but basing on the known Ugandan History, we as a country are poor at implementation.

We want to evoke the spirit of self-reliant and accountability among the young people, by teaching them the dangers of indulging in corruption and other unwanted thing which may affect their future.

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