this shows how various governments had to issue bigger notes

Every state has a currency and as Uganda, we have Shillings as our currency. Uganda is a young state having attained her independence in 1962 and... .../Read More.


The youth leader of Justice Forum (JEEMA) Musanje Haroona Chwa.

Justice Forum (JEEMA) starts operating as a pressure group in Uganda’s politics in 1995 and it was officially registered as a political party in 2006... .../Read More.

Dr. Iddi Nyabawe, 1st year Ophthalmology Resident MUK

Dr. Iddi Nyabawe, 1st year Ophthalmology Resident MUK

Medical thrillers, like any other literal works of fiction contribute a great deal in nurturing empathy amongst their readers. Medicine being a... .../Read More.

Homely hand Sanitizing Gel

avoid COVID-19 by using our Homely hand Sanitizing gel

VISIONNEUSE INCORPORATED LIMITED Management Capacity; The business hatched from sharing skills, experiences and knowledge from wide participation in... .../Read More.


For Youngester's Love Africa Foundation, Every community is our responsibility.

Youngster's Love Africa Foundation is a registered NGO with the authorities which started operating officially in 2019, February 18th. We are... .../Read More.


besides being a simple of Identify, the Bakenye use this logo of Bakenye Isaanga Development Association (BIDA) as there symbol of affinity.

THE 5WS AND H REGARDING BIDA In early 80s, there was a clique of Bakenye young men graduates who often converged at some drinking joint in Mulago for... .../Read More.

Just like South Africa's Julius Malema, Zimbabwe’s Nelson Chamisa, Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu is another African politician... .../Read More.