Meet JULIUS MWANGA who offered a charity of Homely sanitizers worth 2.5M to a team of youth who are assisting AIDS/HIV patients with access to ARVs at NO cost.


as a way of achieving my motive, most of my employees are relatives to allow building systems to pass on to next generation. As of now My Children can identify with the work I do easily by pointing out chemicals and finished products easily.

As the world is being humbled by a COVID -19 Pandemic, our communities are full of the elderly, needy, sick and poor people that need help. We need to stand up and be that help that we would want someone to be if we were in their position.
The need to instill hope in the public is Vital. A family set-up which is christened as a heart of any society since it is the smallest community, and a genesis of a homestead. Since Charity begins at Home, we need to pass on the moral ethics of Charity to the future generation by involving them directly into our offerings.

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