NUP mobiliser in kiwatule

the deputy secretary of people power high council, Lwegaba Emmanuel.

As Uganda is preparing for general elections, the 2021 polls are a wash of different activities despite the limitations due to COVID-19. Sums of youth are either contesting for the different elective positions, while others are eagerly waiting to vote for their very first time. This electoral exercise is filled with emotions, violence and arrests which are exposing the real dirt that there is. 
Previously on the profile columns, we described Timothy Ochwo, in an article labelled TIMOTHY OCHWO SEEKS TO TRANSFORM THE YOUTH THROUGH HATUA UGANDA
Mr Ochwo noted that ‘’ Hatua Uganda is a Kiswahili word which means action, but basing on the known Ugandan History, we as a country are poor at implementation. Timothy says that Uganda through known history is so good at making policies, but still poor at implementing the good paper work into action. This he mainly attributes to corruption, poor leadership and lack of mentorship
This profile is credited to a very promising youth, who is striving to implement the words of Hon Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert ‘’ We are the country; we are the future; we are the change we want to be; we are the youngest population in the world we stand a chance; we are the leaders of the future and the future today. If we only come together, we can change our destiny’’.
 Lwegaba Emmanuel, aged 19 is a resident of Kiwatule, Nakawa west constituency which is found in Kampala. A mechanic and a small business holder. He has embarked on a self-centered mission to see change in is community.
His political ambition is derived from being a true leader in the community who serves all people, helping the needy at all times within the community, building a quality bridge between the youth and the old, helping in actualizing those with dreams into true success stories, advocating for a good future for the young generation by promoting jobs among youth, protection of the environment, health economic welfare within the communities.
Mr Lwegaba Emmanuel was not spared during the recent arrests which followed the demonstrations in the country after the arrest of Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu.
‘’As the National Unity Platform (NUP) mobiliser in Kiwatule, I am always chairing NUP meetings in Kiwatule, this is where the police usually finds me. With my regular youth engagements, we managed to successfully win the recent youth elections both village and Parish levels. This must have annoyed some members of the ruling party due to the victory registered by us (the youth with in the opposition)’’ says Lwegaba.
Adding that ‘’ Being a common man in the activities of all opposition members in the entire Nakawa west Constituency I am very viable for police arrest’’
I am also the deputy secretary of people power high council; this is where I always get most of the information used for all the mobilization teams in the country
As a former inmate of Kitalya maximum prison Emmanuel wishes that ‘’the security authorities should embrace a system which avoids arrests of innocent citizens but rather to protect people and their properties which is a more serious threat to our communities’’
In a related mention, ‘’ I know that can help me communicate to a wider range of people that will help in creating a difference to a diverse audience. This is through disseminating this information to a wide range of people.’’
Lwegaba Emmanuel is a second born with eight siblings, his mother is Nakafuma Benaletah and father Kayima Francis. 
Emma applauds his family saying that ‘’ My family is very hardworking and caring to all members, with financially well, and educated members in different parts of the country. We always in touch with love’’.
He went to Ssanje Community Polytechnic, where he got a certificate in Automotive Mechanics, and was a minister of Education in 2019, head of patriotism and debating club as well as the in charge of the clubs at the institution.
He was awarded as the best student 2018 by Uganda Industry Research Institute (UIRI) at Ssanje Community Polytechnic Institute which is in Kyotera district. He also qualified with a certificate in automotive mechanics from the same institute.
On behalf of my colleagues in the struggle; I am longing the police not to engage in partisan politics, to be more professional and independent. I also wish all the united forces for change work together in helping each other for we all have the same goal. At least our voices demanding for unconditional release of the arrested fellas should be heard as a bloc. This expression of concern will attract more sympathizers to our side.

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