The youth leader of Justice Forum (JEEMA) Musanje Haroona Chwa.

Justice Forum (JEEMA) starts operating as a pressure group in Uganda’s politics in 1995 and it was officially registered as a political party in 2006. JEEMA is a developing political party. Our great leaders including Hon Hussein Kyanjo, Chairman Mayanja Kibirige and the team have been consistent with the struggle. They withstood temptations from the state, killings, propaganda, poisoning and persecutions, and never surrendered.

 I joined JEEMA in 2014 during my s.6 vacation with a desire to get fully equipped through a political party which could build my leadership as well. Due to hard work, I was initiated into JEEMA and the events that followed enabled me to compete and also win the Youth leadership of Justice Forum.
Relatedly, throughout Secondary and University I loved so much internal and National politics and I used to get so emotional whenever inhuman activities are done on several Human beings just because they are seen as opposition members. 
I have been consistent in Political leadership ever since I was in my primary level. I used to participate as an observer in the Barazaa's / Bimeeza as I was young by then 11 years at Tivoli (Simbawo akati awo). This was not always easy for my elementary livelihood for it some times got me into trouble with my parents. At one time my father got angry with me in 2006 when I celebrated my Kampala mayor candidate by then Alhaj Ntege Sebagala Upon wining his favorite candidate Dr Hasib Takuba.

However now as an adult, I have managed to be equipped with free training from experienced politicians in the Front. Not forgetting my role of the treasury in the Red Card Swarm
 I seat on the steering committee of IYOP representing JEEMA as the Youth chairman. IYOP Comprises of all political party youth leagues and now we are 8 political parties youth leadership.
 With PYPA. Its Program for young politicians in Africa. And I happened to participate in its programs that's 2020-2021. So graduated in the country Kenya after taking us through a number of leadership trainings. These included public speaking, policy development, advocacy, gender, civil societies and the campaign school among others. We traverse 16 African countries as youth leaders with a purpose of connection and building a leadership network.
 Red Card Swarm is a Youth Movement within People’s Front for Transition (PFT). It is comprised of the principal political parties within PFT and other Youth groups advocating to a free Uganda. Red Card Swarm major role is to awaken the Youth to appreciate that we are in crisis so we must wake up and end this crisis.

 We believe in Unifying all the forces to end the Junta that is why we are the first to wish for unity and we are the last to leave any Unity formation. We have almost succeeded to awaken first the opposition political players in Uganda as JEEMA, and also our members who where in diverged state came back in to active politics. We have moved to all places in this country as a result of PFT. With also an ease to access media platforms. We have managed to bridge a gap with FDC a party which our marriage developed issues in Bugiri by elections. So now the focus is on a transition.

From the initial stages of the red card. JEEMA youth leadership participated in the coming up of the campaign name? Activities, lobbying and other important issues. So Red card is our baby because we contributed to its formation from the start. We where even trusted to lead the Red Card Swarm Chairperson role. And that none other than Nabadda Shamie.

Our political friendship across the country has earned us trust across opposition players. To an extent of trusting our usual pilawo at the headquarter whenever there is an event. It gives us a chance to be the convenor of this historical Transition.


You are indeed a good leader, you have inspired us to be part of an agenda to transform our country. May our good Lord bless you. Emily Aine, Ntungamo

Thank you for the information

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