every community is our responsibility, meet Namakula Rosette the CEO of Youngester's Love Africa Foundation.

Most of the children especially those living in rural spaces are surrounded by tremendous obstacles deterring their voices from being heard.
It ís on record that most NGOs concentrate on schools with a priority in girl child education rather than charity homes living out some children in indefinitely. This masked them off the reality of the world hindering them from discovering the reality of talents and future careers.
A platform to fight for children's rights while enhancing their well-being in society, this will held in supporting children with Career guidance and counseling while still at a tender age.
A long time Sunday school teacher, Namakula Rosette alias Happi Rose established a charity lead organization dubbed Youngester's Love Africa Foundation. This was after seeing children suffering; love to see better child welfare.
Miss Namakula  who is a also an advocate for persons with albinism notes that every community is our responsibility, our creativity and self-esteem together with well-wishers, friends, family and local authorities (village police posts, village local councils); we can create change in the lives of others.
She adds that, ''we mostly work with local leaders because since they are in position to easily identify the vulnerable children in the society and give us more information about the child and family at large.
We also engage the local police in incidences of serious crimes like child labour, neglect, and defilement. Conducting follow-ups to make sure that justice is achieved. This is mainly through the partnership we have with Katongole and advocates which is still free at the moment.
Youngster's Love Africa Foundation is a registered NGO with the authorities which started operating officially on February 18th, 2019 to promote Christian values, create awareness in communities on the existence of vulnerable children.
Namakula is a business woman dealing in ladies clothes at Galiraaya shop 529, still single with no Biological child at the moment. She is Journalist by training having graduated in Journalism and mass communication from UMCAT in 2017.
Relatedly she attended Kasubi Church of God for her Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE), then Kasubi Seconadary for her Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) and Talents College Mukono for Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE).
Rosette plans to create more awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic through the use of social Media platform of Youngester's Love Africa foundation in order to sensitize the masses on preventive measures like sanitization, washing of hands, keeping our bodies hydrated and maintaining a safe distance. This is mainly due to the suspension of the earlier set charity events yet the same social sites have been the basis of communications for various donations.
''As a team we are utilizing this digital platforms and appeal to the mainstream media and online news websites like storm24seven.com to create more space to the different youth as a way of appealing to the general public in relation to social accountability''. Says Rosette
Despite the negativity from the initial stages, Happi attributes her success to, inspiration from well-wishers and friends, the different connections and testimonies of life change stories, most gratitude goes to her loving family and workmates who always respond positively whenever she calls for donations.
I am grateful to my team but mostly to Reverend Captain Elly Wasswa Mwanje who is also my deputy,Nnalongo Natumbwe Diana and Katongole Arthur who is volunteering as our legal officer
Rose is fifth daughter of Mr. Ssebunya Disan and Nassuna Cate who are residents of Kasubi Nabulagala Mapeera a Kampala suburb. She has nine siblings five of whom are girls. 
The need of changing the African stories of vulnerable children through charity work,
Namakula desires to use Youngesterís Love Africa Foundation to build a home for the homeless, primary school, health center and vocational institution. This will be a great honour to the charity as we have already registered some achievements.
 Through provision of logistical support / basic needs to mainly the vulnerable kids / disability children, we conducted various charities this year 2020 in line to achieve our set objectives as follows; On 11th January, 2020 held a medical camp, On 3rd February, 2020, held BACK TO SCHOOL charity at ARC charity foundation in Walukuba East community hall, On 14th February, 2020 held door to door outreach in Ssemuto Kangave Luweero under a theme: we make a living with what we get and make life with what we give.
But this noble motivation has already faced some challenges ranging from being undermined by different classes of people to demanding for sexual favors before extending support, misconception as being derived from personal benefits, intruders who impersonate with intrigue and malice. 
This did not stop us from reaching out to the vulnerable communities as shown in the following: our first charity in 2019, took place on 18th February at st.Paul church Lusaze-Mapeera village. 
On a Good Friday of 19th April, Happi and her team held another charity named let every child smile this Easter. This was at Ssemuto Kangave village; a follow-up door to door outreach was conducted in July where families were provided with food supplies.
For Wakiso district, Happi Rose and her team had a door to door outreach at kkona village on October 9th 2019 before going back on February 14th 2020 and a counseling and guidance school program which took place on July 19th at Matugga.
While representing the foundation in March 9th 2019, Namakula Rosette was invited to attend the GOBs Children Foundation for the renovation and construction of Hope and Joy Orphan School at Kikwaya Nkokonjeru.

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