Homely hand Sanitizing Gel

avoid COVID-19 by using our Homely hand Sanitizing gel

Management Capacity; The business hatched from sharing skills, experiences and knowledge from wide participation in processes of industrial manufacturing plus consultations; we are now VISIONNEUSE ENTERPRISES. The managing Director is charged to achieve the interests of science and investment on behalf of the Board of directors. This is possible because of the competent management team which serves to fulfill the set policies, goals & objectives to develop the business on behalf of the shareholders. The team is complemented directly by technical team and or by the relevant stakeholders.

Clientele; Our operations cater for innovations in and about science and technology for industrial investment portfolio, systems management & development, scholarly reporting and research. This is to provide lasting investment plans and proposals for development and retirement comfort. VISIONNEUSE ENTERPRISES will fit your business requirements solutions & services.

Liberty at last!!
Our line of operation
?    Home for Homely brands; home care range, Skin care, hair care, perfumes & body mists, Ointments
?    Foods, drinks & beverages – Enjoy juice is a big taste & so refreshing. The true dice of mango, orange, passion flavors. Try it now
?    The industrial chemicals home; cosmetics, paints, detergents, soap, farming & agriculture, Pharmacy, and much more
?    Consult & research; Product formulations development, Quality management systems, Pre audit for system & product certification
?    The Excellency Centre – Multi skills facility. Achieve your retirement investment plans with ease
?    To provide reliable and timely supply for industrial and research requirements as chemicals, consumable and systems services
?    To participate in delivering lasting investment innovations with customization for client’s uniqueness
?    To continually innovate with competitive research so as expand our compatibility with industrialization to suit changing trends of development
?    To create employment opportunities for the skilled & non skilled community here plus world all over
?    To achieve a Centre of excellence with practical skills and knowledge transfer suitable for retirement benefit for all business portfolios
?    To drive research, innovations and investment with achievable simple models based of science in the world 
Core Values we stand for:
o    Reliability
o    Innovativeness
o    Integrity
o    Confidentiality
o    Honesty
o    Quality
o    Team work
o    Excellence

Mission; To make investment plans worldwide achievable by providing practical knowledge to clients after research & innovative solutions

Vision; To become a leading Centre of excellence as we make sciences innovations profitable with simplicity and ideal
Our Operations Arms 
?    Manufacturing & industry
?    Chemicals house
?    Consultancy
?    Skill & knowledge transfer of product development & industrial set up

Contact us on: +256702050349, +256703101660, +256781430772
Email: mwangajulius@gmail.com

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