Young Democratic Union of Africa (YDUA) is an organization that unites Center right Ideology party youth leagues in Africa. Each youth league becomes a member after subscribing to the mother body of the democratic union of Africa (DUA). And so far, there are 19 youth leagues of political parties all together in YDUA
The Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) is a beneficiary from YDUA through trainings of party members, networking and international relations since we get exposed to different political parties in Africa. This has greatly enabled us to interact with some member parties who are in power like NPP of Ghana and MCP of Malawi.
Kiirya Ismail the newly elected president of YDUA acknowledges that his victory was mainly through God’s guidance for the competition was too stiff.
It was victory to the Ugandan representatives as two more managed to join the steering committee. The two are Mr. Lugega Walid from Forum for Democratic change (FDC) who is the chair Legal and constitutional Affairs committee and Sayuni Hellen from UYD who is the chair information and communication,
This means that Democratic Party (DP) and the East African community are the direct beneficiaries since the secretariat will now be in Uganda.
The event took place in Addis ABBABA in Ethiopia where 13 political parties across Africa attended, the conference was fully organized by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) at Ramada Hotel.
The conference was aimed at changing the leadership which was formerly occupied by Louisa Atta Agyemang from Ghana who was in charge of YDUA for two years then left to join the mother body DUA.
Ismail replaced Mr. Gwamaka Mbughi of CHADEMA Tanzania who was in acting capacity.
The race of who was to steer YDUA had three nominations namely;
I.    Edwige wasa from Cote de Vour
II.    Muhcin Drissi from Morocco
III.    Kiirya Ismail from Uganda

Out of the 13 voting political parties, Kiirya Ismail scored the most eight (8) votes becoming the winner. He was followed by Muhcin Drissi who earned four (4) votes yet Edwige Wasa on got one (1) vote.
 Additionally, Kiirya owes his success at the YDUA electoral college to the skills and Knowledge acquired from the campaign school through the Program for Young Politicians in Africa (PYPA) a KIC powered training. This was mainly through the branding, messaging and profiling as shown in below in the seven-point program he presented;
1.    To build and advocate for stronger center right movement as an alternative for democracy
2.    Promoting the spirit of dialogue, mediation as a pillar for democracy
3.    Advocacy for Cross exchange visits within the member parties and benchmarking programs
4.    YDUA regional democracy school to impart leadership skills in the member political parties.
5.    Lobby and engage other donor circles to support the idea of YDUA
6.    Positioning YDUA members into elective political positions.
7.    scholarship programs for YDUA member parties.
However, YDUA is not so popular in Uganda since most of the activities have been so much on the international scene, its high time we move towards the region of east Africa, it is for this reason that I call upon www.storm24seven.com and other media houses to help us popularize our activities as we move on.


Thanks you and well done www.storm24seven.com

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