Is coffee the only cash left for us !!!!

In early 1960's the Uganda Government which is described by the recent Museveni Government as Governments of Dictators and Selfish Persons established the Uganda Coffee Marketing Board which now are almost 2 decades ever since they were liquidated.

It is not only the Coffee Marketing Board (CMB) premises based in Bugolobi, a Kampala suburb which was irregularly sold off to an investor.

The PMB which is also known as the Produce Marketing Boards was also irregularly sold off, but that's a topic of another day.

But back to the CMB, around 2020 testimonies were given before the sectoral committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs on the petition by former workers of Coffee Marketing Board under liquidation in 2013…2013 show that its assets were freely given to an investor on the orders of the then State Minister for directives from President Museveni.

The former employees of CMB told Parliament that their properties including buildings, land, machinery, and equipment were freely given out to investors.

In one other Articles published by Uhuru Institute, speaking on condition of anonymity, a former staff told the Cooperator that the CMB properties were valued at shs 33 bn in 1995 by Bageine and Property Holdings Limited, but would later be dubiously re-valued at shs 6 billion in 1999. This is called depreciation of value of currency not property.

All this is done under the leadership of Museveni Government not the Ugandan Government of the 1960s.

The government of 1960s ensured that the role of marketing coffee is vested in the government under the Public Trust Doctrine on behalf of the citizens but the current government decided in 2013 to vest the roles and authority of marketing Coffee under the investor who dubiously bought the properties of the Board at 6 billion instead of 33 billion. Museveni Government will tell us that it’s called Privatization.

Currently the same Museveni Government in 2020 passed the Coffee Bill which was returned to Parliament by Mr. Museveni in 2021.

The question now is.....
What is the Museveni Government trying to do with our Coffee Considering on what's going on currently?

It's for all Ugandans to answer.


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