SSEMAKULA HENRY KITYO (Henrico Sema) is the president UGiC 2021-2023

the new president of Ugandans living in China Henrico Sema

Having gotten 62% of the total votes, Mr Ssemakula Henry Kityo was announced the president elect of Ugandans in China (UGiC). This left his with closest competitors Mr. Ssempijja Samuel with only 27.5% yet Mr. Nsubuga David shared 11.5%.
Mr. Ssemakula is the newly elected president of Ugandans in China (UGiC). He hails from Kiboga and grew up from Kawala, a Kampala suburb located in Rubaga division. He will be taking over from Mr. Kanjako Bendicto after taking oath on July 1st, 2021.
Henrico Sema is a trained journalist who graduated from United Media Trainers and Consultants {UMCAT}, he then briefly worked as a presenter on star tv a sister station of UBC before re-locating from Uganda to Beijing in China.
‘’After relocating to China, I met and worked closely with the then chairperson and now CEO of Mayiga tours and travels and home connect properties Mr. Mayanja Charles’’ says Kityo adding that ‘’ this helped me to get conversant with the whole leadership atmosphere and this is how I picked interest in the leadership’’
Additionally, he also allocated me with several responsibilities to help him out with due to his busy schedule. This exposed me to different personalities which further helped to learn more about China. 
We are directly under the embassy of Uganda in China, the consulate before the office of the president of Ugandans in China then other different groups that reach out to various small set ups across the diverse China.
Henry had his education from Nezikokolima junior school and good times infant school for his primary. Then Makerere college school, Kawala high school and old Kampala SSS for his secondary education.
Mr Ssemakula appreciates for the willingness to help the Ugandans living in China with this Publicity. For this he echoes his gratitude and will to always look forward to work with the website.
He adds that ‘’ our community needs help especially through advertisements, entertainment, information dissemination among other media related activities.
Adding that ‘’the government of Uganda should interest its self in its amazing people who are apparently living in China. We also need a much similar recognition like UNAA since we also have the required numbers and equally contribute to the GDP of our motherland.
Through my office of the president of UGiC, I pledge to offer full time service from a duly elected leader, with selfless services to all. This will bridge the leadership inconsistences since we have been longing for a listening leader who is easy to access.
Sema has been rendering some help to fellow Ugandans living in China without any position of authority, and through the endless gratitude, he promises to utilize his new office with the power vested in it to continue serving Ugandans. ‘’Through a much formal process, we shall be making good use of the Embassy of Uganda in China to conduct our engagement.’’ Says Sema.
‘’The most outstanding resource is mainly through the trust of the people in me and my leadership will fully bank on on this trust’’. Says Henrico, adding that ‘’I am also the chairperson of a savings scheme called Brickbarn holdings, with this (SACCO) we shall lessen have our financial issues mainly for those who are a part of this program.
‘’ I am a God fearing, and father to one beautiful girl. Very optimistic man who grabs every opportunity that pops out. I am looking forward to uniting and serving Ugandans to their satisfaction’’
Furthermore, with the regular assignation of the embassy, most of the pending issues which require the office of the Ambassador will be settled, this I will directly and frequently take up as a responsibility.
We have already written to several civil society organizations and we are looking forward to receiving replies from them, we shall be communicating with clarity immediately after taking oaths for the office.
Thank you so much Ugandans living in China and I will try to do everything in my power to serve you.


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