NABADDA SHAMIE, fourth from the right (behind the red card) together with the red card swarm, listening attentively to the chairperson of PFT Dr. Kizza Besigye. during the launch of the red card swarm.

The People’s Transition Front (PFT) has a leadership comprised of political actors from different entities which among others includes political parties, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Eminent Leaders. 

These consist of Justice Forum Alias JEEMA, UPC- Walubili’s section, DP-Bloc (SDP and UYD), Conservative Party (CP), Forum for Democramic Change (FDC) and the People’s Government and 12 technical panels that are charged to promulgate the front ideology and philosophy to the general public.

Nabadda Shamim is the chairperson of the Red Card Swam, this is a team of youth from different political entities who are merging together to stand-in for change.

‘’ Currently I am the head of the panel of youth and women’s affairs in the People’s Front for Transition (PFT).’’ Says Nabadda adding that ‘’ I am a very aggressive lady, and for that reason I was identified to represent my party JEEMA at the PFT heading the Panel of the youth and women’s affairs and special interest groups’’

Relatedly Shamim is a 27-year-old a politician affiliated to the Justice Forum (JEEMA) party and a human rights defender, she is possessing both beauty and brains since she is a student of law and a former Miss tourism-Buganda 2018.

The former LC5 councilor aspirant Lubaga North Division 2021 general elections, is a member of the Justice Forum (JEEMA) party a status Nabadda has enjoyed for many years. In JEEMA she is a secretary for foreign affairs on the JEEMA Youth League Executive. 

The mother of two daughters, has 10 siblings and she is the 6th child of Mr. Kyabagu Zaid Kamulali and Nagujja Aisha Kamulali.

Nabadda shamie is currently a law student from IUIU Females campus Kabojja, she also has a diploma from LDC. This is after having gotten PLE certificate from Seeta UMEA primary school, UCE from Fairland High School and UACE from Seeta Secondary School.

Additionally, she has been involved in political activism for some good time right from the People Power Movement.

‘’being a student of law, I have always been passionate about human rights and I have stood surety for many young people that have been arrested for having divergent views and speaking truth to power’’. She speaks

We propose that increases on the PFT media presence through covering all PFT activities.
The Joint Consultative Council (JCC) is the advisory organ of the PFT, all decisions arrived at from the council, and the public is the direct beneficially.

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