all leadership is God given, the ordinary painter and carpenter at an orphanage is now the executive Director of Bakenye Isaanga Development Association (BIDA)

The rudimentary troubles which rendered him a mobile pupil right from his elementary studies, just awoke a spirit of social identity in one George William Wabwire elevating his status to an executive director of Bakenye Isaanga Development Association (BIDA)
The few concerned elite Bakenye / Bakenyi mainly from Kampala, came up with the Bakenye Isaanga Development Association (BIDA) as an Umbrella body to lobby for Government intervention as a way of improving on the social status of the continuously suffering Ugandans due to their minority status and the recurrent conditional displacement. This was derived from the accusations from the Langi and Iteso that the Bakenyi living in those areas had collaborated with the National Resistance Army (NRA) during the war that brought NRM government to power
In abide to fight the treading ‘’vice’’ of inferiority complex among the Bakenyi / Bakenye ( one of the indigenous tribes of Uganda as prescribed in the 1995 Uganda constitution), a group of Bakenye living in the central region of Uganda got overwhelmed by the multitudes of their tribe mates who had fled the insurgency  from Teso and Lango regions.
The increasing mobility of the Bankenyi coupled with the related problems exalted the plight amongst these now internally displaced Ugandans who had acquired a refugee status once again following the disadvantaged history which rendered them homeless.
Right from the formation of the Buganda kingdom from the Muwawa set up, Bakenyi the then Bakuunta ( fishermen) to the National resistance Movement war fair and eventual government establishment the Bakenye had been rendered homeless and rather a more mobile group of people without  any known geographical setting.
Mr. Wabwire George William is a professional Journalist having graduated with a Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication from United Media Trainers and Consultants (UMCAT) in 2015. He also worked as a news Anchor, producer and presenter of the Parliament of Bakenye on Voice of Teso from 2006 to 2011.
Following his marriage to Gladys Omuddu Wabwire in 2011, the couple was forced to move into their matrimonial home thus shifting from Soroti to their family house at, Wamala, Kinyarwanda Zone in Nansana Wakiso district. This led to his quitting of the then employment both at Soroti Orphanage Assistance Project (SOAP) where he worked as a carpenter and painter from 2003 to 2011 and Voice of Teso radio.
George William attended a number of schools which is mainly   due to the continuous movements from place to another in search for shelter. These included Omagoro primary school in Serere district, Nakyesa primary school in Kayunga district, Namutambi primary school in Mukono district and Buyanja primary school in Buyende district.  He had his secondary education from Kisenyi Lake View Secondary School in Nakasongola district and Serere secondary school in Serere district.
William attained a certificate in carpentry and joinery from St. Kizito Mandera Technical Institute in Soroti where he attained the practical capabilities he offered in SOAP.
George is the first born of the late Musana Yozefu and Sirista Namusana of Ariet village, Kyere sub-county, Serere district in Eastern Uganda. He was born in 1978 on the 17th day of July. He has seven sibling four of which are girls. However George has only two boys namely Jordan Wancha and Musana Jireh, and seems not on a rush to get more children citing his early childhood distress having led a foundation for such a decision.
“I have served in various leadership positions in the Bakenye founded projects and associations such as Bakenye Culture and Peace Education project in Soroti as a secretary from 2007 to 2009 and Treasurer Action for Bakenye (ACFOB) from 2009 to 2011 a civil society organization in Soroti”, says Wabwire.
Additionally he joined the BIDA leadership in Kampala as its secretary from 2013 to 2017, the umbrella association of the Bakenye community within Uganda and the diaspora before assuming the role of the Executive Director BIDA from 2017 up-to-date.
Through his effective journalism skills, Wabwire has headed the editorial team which successfully published two magazines titled the Inspire Magazine volume one and two. He is currently in the final stages of a new publication which will contain comprehensive literature on the history of Bakenye. This is as a result of the call made by the Right Honorable speaker of the Parliament of Uganda Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga to the Bakenye to document their history.
While presiding over the Maiden annual convention of the Bakenye in 2017 at Baligeya Memorial Secondary School in Buyende district, Kadaga stressed that  ‘’You (Bakenye) are lucky that you are being recognized by the Ugandan constitution  as a distinct community unlike other Minority groups, therefore you should feel free to document your history as well as embracing your identity. Toting her pledge to collaborate with Hon George W.N Kumama Member of Parliament for Baale County and his other colleagues in Parliament, to help them (Bakenye) in any way possible.
Kadaga is also credited for having chaired the inauguration of the first magazine about the origin of the Bakenye and exclusive testimonies of discrimination against members of the Bakenye.



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