as a way of achieving my motive, most of my employees are relatives to allow building systems to pass on to next generation. As of now My Children can identify with the work I do easily by pointing out chemicals and finished products easily.

As the world is being humbled by a COVID -19 Pandemic, our communities are full of the elderly, needy, sick and poor people that need help. We need to stand up and be that help that we would want someone to be if we were in their position.
The need to instill hope in the public is Vital. A family set-up which is christened as a heart of any society since it is the smallest community, and a genesis of a homestead. Since Charity begins at Home, we need to pass on the moral ethics of Charity to the future generation by involving them directly into our offerings.
Meet Mr. Mwanga Julius the proprietor of Visionneuse Enterprises who offered a charity of Homely sanitizers worth 2.5M to a team of youth who are assisting AIDS/HIV patients with access to ARVs at the cost. The volunteers embarked on a mission to help those patients since the suspension of both private and public means of transport. This was a healthy risk which exposes them to COVID-19. 
Julius through his company decided to offer some help by providing them with sanitizers and also creating more awareness through the social media platform. These social sites mostly Facebook disseminate information about corona virus while asking all those in need of ARVs to express interest and the team delivers them for free across the country.
Mr. Mwanga says “I take credit for my never ceasing quest for knowledge!! I made research on hand sanitizers seven (7) years ago and it had never been appreciated by my bosses then; but with the outbreak of the pandemic it has enabled me to sell ingredients, share my researched and verified formulation to so many market players. At Visionneuse Enterprises we also sold Hand sanitizers under our HOMELY Brand which is now being certified by UNBS with a Q’mark.”
Adding that, “and also shared free sanitizers to citizens as a give back to the community since God blessed us to be part of the solution.’’ This he greatly attributes to Christian values which encourages those who has to share with the needy, and he is looking forward to make it a family policy since his company is manned by relatives who provided the biggest work force. 
“My legacy should forever last!! My name and Investment I pray they last even after me three generations later and even beyond. as a way of achieving my motive, most of my employees are relatives to allow building systems to pass on to next generation. As of now My Children can identify with the work I do easily by pointing out chemicals and finished products easily. What I can do with in my means to make the world a better place, I surely deliver.’’ Says Julius
He also noted that, “my knowledge is for all willing parties and persons to benefit (Might charge a fee at times). 
He is a product of Kyambogo University where and graduated With Bachelor of Science Technology in Chemistry; A’ level studied at Jinja Senior Secondary School and offered Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Fine Art and awarded UACE Certificate; O’ level at Holy Cross Lake View SSS and obtained UCE; Primary school was studied at Mpumudde Estate Primary School, Jinja and obtained PLE.
Mwanga Julius is married to Takola Deborah Mwanga (Counsel) and God has blessed with two Children so far all girls; Emmanuella (6 years) and Eliora (Making 3 years early next month).
His father passed on in 1993 as he joined Primary two making his mother the Queen for all the success he celebrates today. In a family of Five (5), Julius is the second last born and the only boy out of the four siblings who are still alive. 
Additionally, Julius notes that “It is Twelve years already since I graduated with a Bachelors degree of Science Technology in Chemistry from Kyambogo University. I am able bodied with excellent inter and intra personal communication skills; confident, visionary, and objective with strong relationship building and leadership skills; good analysis and reporting skills; able to work for long and irregular hours under minimum supervision; good at developing and motivating teams to achieve organizational objectives; exceptional resourcefulness and adaptability with ability to manage multiple tasks in a pressured environment/emergencies; dedicated and goes an extra mile in achieving targets; with impeccable character; result oriented and devoted to maintaining high quality standards. I toil to establish a lasting Legacy as practice practical science as related to industrialization, Research and innovation.’’
Through extension of services to Civil Society Organisastions, CSOs Mr. Mwanga has worked with different schools in the impact and entrepreneurship sessions. This he says might be might directly or indirectly through coaching/training on cottage industries like Churches, SoS  (Save the Opharns Society) families, UNIDP/UN camps, and the support offered to Mr. Emmy Otim and team during this lock down to support HIV persons with ARVs.
However, as a chemist, he advises that “the hand sanitizers are recommended to be used as often as possible most especially after changing area location or interaction with another environment (persons or and objects)’’
He boosts of creating Jobs at the business and in other places of the country plus the rest of Africa, and improving his livelihood and social welfare. 
This he has achieved through vending of finished products like liquid multi-purpose detergents, bleach, disinfectant, Shower gel, hand wash gel, hair and body care cosmetics, instant hand Sanitizer all under Homely brand; wholesale of quality ingredients to our clients that operate cottage & full scale industries; sell containers to provide packaging solutions with a wide variety to choose from.
“We are consulting and setting Quality Management Systems for several clients so as to get UNBS certification for a Quality mark. I am a jack of all trades and I believe in doing the usual things in a unique way to earn an income. You will catch me in all factories regardless of what they manufacture; cosmetics, PPE and PVC pipes, Breads, Beverages, foods and produce, Herbal research to mention but a few.’’ Say Mwanga
Toting that “we now sell chemicals for industrial requirement: Beauty and cosmetics, Home care, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, beverage and Alcohol. We have put a section for selling packaging materials to provide our clients with a solution’’
I am teaching and consulting for clients to make better their products, and participating in many society improvement and development projects through saving.
Julius plans to begin commercial farming as some science researches on essential oils, perfumery and medicines come from plants.
Despite the suspension of public and private transportation, Visionneuse Enterprises is still serving its clients by taking orders on line, or through calls and delivering at their door steps. “We are even conducting trainings through Video calls,” Say Mwanga.
“We will maintain the new innovation to create comfort for our client of even implement systems for online projects installation, activation and commissioning. It can be a means of cutting costs of renting space and saving time lost in movements,” he continued.
On the positive, the lockdown has enabled him to work on pending reports for consulting jobs and even finalized back logs on UNBS certification exercise.

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