The newly elected Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) Leader Mr. Kiirya Ismail is a little-known political elite from Program for Young Politician in Africa (PYPA). He graduated in 2019 in the political leadership academy.
Kiirya Ismail defeated notables in the UYD leadership; Ssembajwe Paul the former deputy youth leader and Dumba Julius the Kampala youth leader in a national delegates conference held in Gulu between 18th and 19th of September 2020.
Kiirya attributes his victory to having had a better campaign strategy; ‘’ of all the three contestants its only me who had a written Manifesto, this was an added advantage besides having a free and fare electoral process since voting was by a secret ballot’’. 
Relatedly all contestants were given enough time to campaign which worked better for Kiirya’s team having had at least a campaigner representing him in all the regions that attended. ‘’ I also had a balanced team which cut across all the delegates irrespective of the region’’ says Mr.  Kiirya.
In relation to the ease through which Ismail was selected, he attributes this victory to consistency as well as a reward. ‘’I was the only youth coming from the eastern region to ever contest on this position, I have lao been loyal to my mother party right from university politics’’
Ismail intends to use his position as the UYD president to fulfill 4Rs:
    Restructure the party
    Re-position the party
    Recruit for the party and having
    Rotational leadership of the party.
This follows the urgent need more members of Democratic Party (DP) following a huge exodus of DP members into the National Unity Platform (NUP).
The National Executive Committee (NEC) of DP being headed by among others Hon. Nobert Mao (president General), Hon. Fred Mukasa Mbidde (vise president) and Hon. Lulume Bayiga were ascribed for this information by Kiirya Ismail.
The delegates conference had about 300 youth, and a toral of 550 representatives since only three envoys where allowed from a district. These three ambassadors included the district youth leaders, women leaders and chairpersons.
This was conducted in line with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the Ministry of health in response to COVID-19 safety guidelines. This reduced the target number of 1000 delegates.
Kiirya Ismail was born on 25th December 1992, to Hajjat Mwatumu Nyende and kiirya Saidi both are deceased. He is their 11th child with five sisters and five brothers.
He is currently pursuing a master’s degree of Arts in Local Governance and Human Rights from Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi (UMU). He also graduated with Bachelors of Social Works and Social Administration (BSWSA) from Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU Kampala campus) in 2014.
He dubs as the DP youth leader of Jinja were he had both his Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education in 2010 from Jinja Senior Secondary School, and Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) in 2009. He is credited as a former UNSA chairperson Jinja SSS, former District Education Secretary (DEC/UNSA) Jinja District, and former chairperson of Busoga Development foundation Jinja SSS style.
The father of two boys Kiirya Abdul Hafeez and Kiirya Abdul Haleem went to Spire Road Primary school for his primary Leaving examinations in 2003.he is married to Kisambira Lukia and he is undergoing preparations to marry Mirembe Justice (Kauthara) as his wife.
He is also the founder and Chairperson of UYD chapter IUIU Kampala campus. Speaker Basoga Nseete and 2013 electoral commission chairperson.

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