the youth mayor Judith Namitala

Judith Namitala in the middle during the youth leaders workshop dubbed who a youth leader should be.

Nansana is a division is Nansana Municipality which is Wakiso district, with an estimate of 2.3 million youth and more in the making due to the regular transformation in the age. Many of these youth are jobless, a possible cause of many more vices, a reason why the leadership question is so inevitable in my area.
The youth Mayor alias chairperson of youth in Nansana division, Madam Namitata Judith is aiming at creating better understanding of how youth leaders experience, influence and learn more on how leaders can influence society through helping village youths.
This explains why she embraced her fellow youth leaders with a workshop training on 28th March 2021.
‘’ that’s why it started with a workshop. In that youth leaders use their influence to create better programs for other fellow youths.’’ Says Judith. 
Namitala notes that ‘’The special attribute I have is to bridge the gap between youth leaders and the entire youth community as a whole.’’ 
Our youth Leadership in Nansana division is basically looking forward to uplifting our standards politically, socially, economically and morally. Nansana has been awash of negative publicity in the media due to actions of some youths in our area.
I developed interest in 2019 when the leaders who were in power by then used not to inform the youth about the programs that were running at the division so we were always kept outside the curtains just hearing issues from others, 
I managed to win through making alliances with different youth leaders in different villages whom I befriended and they helped in mobilizing fellow youth who voted me in big numbers. Said the youth mayor 
Furthermore ‘’I decided to contest as an independent candidate because of the independent mind I had which does not discriminate in political parties, religion, tribe and color, in other words I wanted leadership that welcomes everyone.’’
Voters should expect team work and awareness on all the youth programs going on, in my area of authority is Nansana division Kazo ward.
The youth leaders who voted for Judith Namitala and the ministry of youth and children affairs are reliable sources of information about the youth chairperson of Nansana division.
Namitala Judith is a Ugandan born on 28th March 1998, had her Primary leaving examinations (PLE) in 2010 from Linnet primary School, Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) in 2014 from St Kizito girls’ school and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) in 2016 from Bethany before acquiring a diploma in Education from YMCA university in 2020.
The resources I have are the friends like Hussein Musisi who are better than us in leadership skills, they have been helpful and more willing to provide us with training workshops.


Judith Namitala is the youth mayor of Nansana Division.

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