ALEX JOSEPH KIWALABYE at his outlet located at Kavule along Matugga-Semuto road

you must be the source of all the material you use in order to maintain the required standards, Alex Joseph Kiwalabye explains to Hussein Musisi how he manages to have high quality works .

Many native Ugandans through their different traditional legends and myths still believe in the fact that Lightning and thunderstorm are just a direct work of “African Chemistry” alias black magic aimed at a specific individual or group of people.
However, this is not the case with Mr Kiwalabye Alex Joseph who is a professional electrician in Uganda with a Directorate of Industrial Training certificate and experience in installation of Lightning Arrestors. 
Alex Joseph attributes the cause of Lightning and thunderstorms to human activities that end up destroying the natural cover of the earth like forests and rocks surfaces that used to control the effects of lightning and thunderstorms.
Joseph notes that ‘’ Use of too much electronic devices, musts of telecom companies, destruction of hills and mountains, population growth, reclamation of swamps and forests.’’
Adding that, Aluminum and copper are some of the materials used while installing lightning conductors, skyscrapers, schools, hospitals are the most affected places due to the sound that comes from them thus attracting thunderstorm and when the positive electrons and negative neutrons are emitted, they attract lightning.
A lot of literature has been gathered and more is yet to be published, but how best can one know the dangers of lightning and thunderstorm without understanding the possible causes and prevention of the associated coincidences.
On March 15th 2022, Steve Hurd post through the Uganda Humanist Schools Trust Website an article dubbed the Lightning Dilemma, this article clearly explains how Uganda is at risk of the accidents what comes from the Lightning strikes.
The articles explains that the Equatorial heat of Uganda generates strong updrafts of air yet thunderstorms are a frequent occurrence particularly around the equinoxes. Adding that when the sun passes over the equator yet Uganda has large water bodies including Lake Victoria with mountains like Rwenzori which are so high above the sea level. This makes Kampala to have more lightning strikes more than any other city in the world, but still over the whole country there are an average if 70 lightning strikes on every square kilometer of land each year.
Despite having such information many Ugandans are not fully aware of the need to install proper lightning arresters, this is mainly due to the high costs of the required materials and taxation on the imports of the same materials.
This has created another risk of using substandard material which are not properly inspected leading to more risks of inviting accidents.
Mr. Kiwalabye warns that any occurrence of lightning may lead to one of the following; fire outbreaks, increase in earth quakes, damages in buildings like creating crakes and eventually collapsing, abortion in pregnant women, the sound may lead to mental disorders and hearing difficulties, the damages of soil organisms also distress its fertility rate, soil erosion and landslides.
He further asked the media like to help disseminating more information about the dangers of human activity on the environment by lighting some of the effects it brings to the society like Lightning and its undesirable effects.
He is the proprietor of Joseph Technical Services Limited which located at Kavule on Matugga Semuto Road. He offers DIT hands on training in wiring of all kinds with wiring certificates. The trainings run for at least three years in order to get a DIT certificate. He can be conducted through 0787685954 and 0751318121.

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