Each One Help One, as God's blessings towards the giver never reduce, Favour is limitless. let each one of us help someone in need.

About 180 people benefited from two separate birthday out reaches organized as a give back to the community in relation to celebrating the birth of a mother and her daughter respectively. 97 of these were mothers while 80 were children including 30 new born babies. However, this charity did not come from a politician nor someone with any hope of becoming one in the near future.
The help offered to the different beneficiaries is not directly tagged to any civil society organization, but rather any form of help that would require them to be involved is directly sought for. For instance, issues concerning girl child abuse require direct connection of police and other agencies which can conduct an immediate rescue. This relates to child protection units like Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development not forget the Ministry of Education and Sports.
From the statement contained in an opinion of Dr Munir Safieldin, the UNICEF Representative in Uganda, he notes that, ‘’ there is more to schools than learning! During the first corona virus disease (COVID-19) Lock down in March 2020, over 15 million learners were sent home. Subsequently, Uganda was ranked among the top 20 countries with the highest number of days with full school closure between March 2020 and February 2021. Data from UNESCO global monitoring of school closures caused by COVID-19 pandemic report (2021) highlights that Children in Uganda missed 149 school days during that period. However, behind the missed school days lay a bigger challenge for the country’s school children.
This was through many reports of child neglect, abuse, physical, sexual and psychological torture. The Situation of, and Impact of COVID-19 on school going girls and young women in Uganda reports that between March 2020 and June 2021, there was a 22.5% increase in pregnancy among girls aged between 10 and 24 seeking first antenatal care from 80,653 to 98,810 approximately.
During Apecho’ Birthday Out reach the main expectant mothers and also vulnerable mothers following the theme safe birth. But the outreach went beyond the theme since we had to look at and visit the children’s ward where we shared and supplied some of the other items to critically vulnerable children.  

Favour recalls having starting her solidarity work after leading a team of friends to fundraising for a sick colleague who unfortunately passed on. This inspired her to helping more needy and vulnerable person whenever she could.
Apecho decided to give back to the community during the 5th birthday celebrations of her daughter dubbed Angel Mirembe Henrietta.
‘’I decided to do charity by giving back to the orphanage Children at Christ Hope International. We were blessed and managed to put a beautiful smile of there faces having managed to share a mile accompanied with many gifts and necessities which included cake cutting, blankets, books, pens, pencils, ice creams and pop ups’’ says Caroline
Adding that another theme of ‘’safe delivery for the vulnerable mothers’’ was adopted, this was celebrated on my birthday on 9th September. The niche was Soroti Region. We managed to collect different necessities from friends and more heartfelt sponsors who donated among others; mama kits, baby clothes, basins, soap, and sugar.
These Items were donated to vulnerable and expectant mothers at Soroti Regional Referral hospital maternity ward and the children’s ward respectively.
Apecho Caroline Favour is a profession Journalist, mother to one lovely daughter Mirembe Angel Henrietta. She originates from Teso Region Specifically Amuria District, she is a business oriented person with a bias in branding and printing.
Apecho is a daughter of Ejolu Peter Ateker and Birungi Christine, born on the September 9th 1995. she is the last born with seven siblings.
Favour calls upon well-wishers to join her forthcoming Kapelebyong district Christmas community outreach due on 22nd of December 2022.
Additionally, she asks www.storm24seven.com to always accept to partner with her media relations in order to make different societies better through the outreach charity engagements. 


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