Just like South Africa's Julius Malema, Zimbabwe’s Nelson Chamisa, Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu is another African politician joining their full-blooded race aiming to get power from the long serving political parties.

Without causing a third force within the opposition leaders Uganda, and combining their political capital  to Bobi wine’s People Power, the Ugandan opposition can be seen taking the 2021 presidential seat. Their desire can be turned into reality only if they do what they have always failed to do in the last four elections.

This is forming a one united front to oust out the current government.

Building capacity and strategy of monitoring electoral process, funding their activities, work against pocket change and uniting for a common cause against the incumbency, opposition can walk to state house.

Just as president Museveni and his counterparts were in 1980s preparing for the going of President Milton Obote and the past leaders to assume power, Bobi wine and the young generation wants him to retire home and be referred to as the former fountain of honor, as Jomo Kenyatta, Julius Nyerere were referred to in their respective counties of Kenya and Tanzania.
His incarceration and dropping of charges of illegal possession of fire arms and rounds of ammunitions exposed the emperor’s nakedness as Bobi wine gains courage to ideologically confront him. Just like Nelson Madiba Mandale was in prison, he didn't lose hope.

Just like Ann Albers saying 'I want to speak but I fear to lose my job', many NRM leaders were touched by the brutal arrest and torture of politicians but could not utter any statement.

The president was left to convince and explain to the public about what transpired in Arua chaotic scenes which attracted the rest of the world to condemn torture and brutal arrests. “Lies set early but truth gets there first “Is the statement we wait to be justified by Ugandan courts of law.

Unlike Rtd Col Kiiza Besigye, who was occasionally held under preventive arrest, picked and bundled in police van to famous Naggalama police station, the benevolence of Bobi wine’s situation, he will be required to oscillate from his home to Parliament and music shows in case police permits him under public order management act of 2010 that is in force.

He has a chance to speak to journalists at the floor of Parliament. However state has powers to limit his movement despite being a legislator.

However the opposition has to sit down lay strategies and road maps on how to win presidential seat. They should convincingly package their product sell it together and share after successive story. Fronting Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu as face of change he will woo unemployed youth, leaders in no man’s land and every one yearning for change.

Remember political change costs life, loss of property in case it is not executed through electoral process.

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