NZE YOSWA OWUWO OWEDDA, inspires fellow youth to engage into productive farming

Living the new normal is nothing compared to living the American dream, in Uganda the post COVID -19 (Corona Virus) era has proven us wrong. The survival apparatuses changed intensely from professionals in paid up employments to wheeler dealers (hustlers) in semi- professional cycles. One can not survive on one job alone yet many lost their jobs with the down sizing and changes of operations deemed at reducing the production cost of many organizations.

The most affected employees yet again are the Journalists and other media practitioners’ who have since faced forced discounts in their remunerations and then discontinued employment. Yes, they were merely told that you no longer work with us and that was it. This was so easy since neither a work agreement nor a contract was offered to them on of letting them start associating with the different media houses. 

Those who had work contracts were not spared, but rather asked politely to accept the changes and either step down or retire from offering services to their former media houses. But what retirement is it that comes out of a mail without any adequate individual preparations for it? shares the view of one Joshua Derrick Mugabi a multi-talented Broadcast journalist who has accepted to a new life besides media.

The 29-year-old Ugandan family man was forced back to his roots in Semuto Kapeeka, Nakaseke District (Luwero triangle) after losing his media related job during the infamous lock down. He holds a diploma in journalism and Mass Communications, but substituted to farming and rearing in order to secure his family.

Despite having enough training and experience through working with three community radios that is radio Nakaseke, Musana FM currently called Seke FM, Amazon FM and an online radio IMC as a presenter, producer, programs director, editor and a trainer. The lock down rendered his services unwanted on media at that time.

‘’ On that note I can tell you that am fully engaged in farming and rearing as journalism became the second option.’’ Says Derrick

Adding that ‘’ Well, am doing different projects of which all are indirectly related to my journalism profession: I do piggery, brick laying, banana and maize growing and many other projects but they are boosted by my skills of journalism as I do advertisement, research, looking for market, consultancy which has helped me to achieve a lot. comrades in the media industry please wake up and start engaging in other businesses as you practice your journalism, create other alternatives to increase on your income.’’

Yes, start by being an example, then inspire fellow youth that everything is possible if at all you are determined and committed in what you are doing. 

Just like that, my farming has inspired many start-up farms and now many youth are undertaking farming as a job where you can earn a living but not a punishment as farming is a back born of Uganda.

I cannot limit anyone if there is any chance to help us in conducting business, we are open and welcoming since working as an Individual limits our progress. For that reason I am looking for more opportunities through working with so that we encourage more youth and Civil Society Organizations  to appeal more to those underemployment to utilize there time by engaging into farming earlier before they are forced to retire.

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